Home Grown Achievements Celebrated in New P4P Videos!

Partners for Planning has recently released two new videos focused on creating home and good life which feature families from right here in the Durham Region! This new series is titled “Crafting a Good Life”. It delves into the importance of valued social roles in the lives of Tiffany Dawe and Andrew Werner.

Home, for all of us, is a significant piece of life which needs to be worked out – ensuring we are safe, healthy, and happy within four walls and a roof. However, home needs to be figured out in the context of who we are as individuals, and should cater to our lifestyle choices and the valued roles we hold; not just at home, but within our families, our neighbourhood, and our broader communities.

Taking it all into consideration

The focus of the videos and corresponding blog is on the kinds of intentions, actions, and vision which were held and seen through by families in order to help create and hold a good life for a loved one with a disability. Through interviews and shared stories, we are guided through the key elements and successful strategies which helped launch and support not only the individualized living arrangements, but the full and rich lives led by Tiffany and Andrew.

Both video pages hold interviews, guiding principles, and turning points for each person’s unique story.

Celebrating the launch

We are happy to celebrate the launch of these videos with both Tiffany and Andrew, along with their families. They will be joining us at our March Imagining Home meeting, where we will watch the videos and hold a Q&A. This is sure to be a great evening, full of rich conversation about creating home and most importantly, crafting a good life.