Crafting a Good Life – New Videos to Spark Your Imagination!

The housing project initiated by Durham Association for Family Resources and Support has had numerous outcomes; this website (shameless plug), a successful housing forum in June of 2017, two housing-focused family groups which continue to meet and grow, and now, two new videos featuring local Durham families!

This past fall, Jeff Dobbin from the P4P Planning Network approached DAFRS about producing a video about innovative housing which could inspire other families also thinking about housing. Janet Klees, Executive Director of DAFRS, wanted to highlight two ongoing stories. Although not new, both are deep, important, and innovative in their time. Innovative for the visions held by each family, for the style and affordability of the housing, and for the options and lives created for people with significant support requirements. The videos, titled Crafting a Good Life, show local, real life families bringing about good lives in real ways – slowly, step by step, and over years – showing the importance of holding a vision over time with others.

Meet Tiffany and Andrew

Head over to the P4P Planning Network to be introduced to Tiffany and Andrew; themselves, their home, their roles and contributions all set within their home, family, neighbourhood and communities. Look over the pages, read the details, and share them with others you want to challenge and inspire!

Check out Tiffany’s story here:

Check out Andrew’s story here.